Battle of Wits as Tob Cohen’s Family Hires Cliff Ombeta to Battle Phillip Murgor

Kenyans are shocked and amused as prominent criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta assumes an ‘unusual’ role in the on going murder case of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen.

Ombeta, who has made a name for himself for often representing the accused in high profile murder cases, will this time be representing the family of the slain businessman whose body was discovered last week inside a septic tank at his home after being reported missing for two months.

Ombeta, who has recently been fighting allegations of not being a registered lawyer, will represent Cohen’s sister Gabrilee Van Straten in this case, which could turn into a battle for the property of the deceased.

He has in the past represented, among others, Migori Governor Okoth Obado, controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the three police officers accused of murdering lawyer Willie Kimani and journalist Jackie Maribe’s fiancé Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu.

All these clients are at the center of high profile recent murder cases in Kenya.

The renowned criminal lawyer was expected to attend Cohen’s postmortem on Tuesday before it was postponed.

Ombeta now comes up against another seasoned lawyer in Philip Murgor who is representing Cohen’s wife Sarah Wairimu.

Murgor who has served as a Director of Public Prosecutions Philip Murgor left many conlficted as he tore into the police and accused them of stage managing the discovery of Cohen’s body, who was murdered almost two months ago.

Murgor has dismissed claims that Sarah Wairimu had a hand in the alleged murder of her husband Tob Cohen.

“Wairimu has been in detention for 17 days. Wairimu had no opportunity to do anything in her house. I have talked to pathologists, and they have said there is no possibility that after close to 50 days a body would be found in a state that Cohen’s was in,” Murgor said.

Murgor maintained there was no evidence linking his client to the alleged murder because there are no witness statements.

He also blamed the police for not having the company of Ms Wairimu during the discovery of the body, or her lawyer.

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