Women MPs Rioting Over Suicide Of Girl Shamed For Menstruation Ridiculed

Over 10 Female legislators took to the streets to condemn the suicide of a class 6 pupil, Jackline Kipng’eno, who took her life as a result of being shamed for menstruation.

The women MPs flocked the Ministry of Education office demanding for action against the female teacher accused of publicly shaming the school girl for staining herself.

The female MPs led by Nairobi Woman Rep, Esther Passaris laid siege in the ministry of Education and demanded answers for the incompetency displayed by the Kabiangek female teacher.

Although the intention behind suspending peace at the Ministry of Education is clear, Kenyans have ridiculed the lawmakers’ kind gesture terming it as hypocrisy.

According to respondents, the female law makers take too long to address issues pertaining to menstruation and the subsequent hygiene for school going girls and only react after misfortunes in their quest to seek attention from the general public.

The public have faulted the MPs for failing to sponsor motions like distributing sanitary towels from time to time with the aim of keeping girls in school.

Girls in marginalized areas lack access to sanitary towels as they don’t have money to purchase them while others lack knowledge on how to use them. As at today, studies indicate that 4 out of 10 girls miss school when on their periods.

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