Ndindi Nyoro humiliated on Live Tv, exposed as a shallow Ruto Sycophant with Zero grasp of Country’s affairs

Hussein Mohammed of Citizen TV is known to take no prisoners in his interviews. This time, it was Ndindi Nyoro who was beaten to pulp and left blubbering with no answers to give the straight shooting Mohammed who put him to task, regarding his previous social media posts encouraging the police to rain havoc on Raila Odinga’s supporters in 2017.

During the live Tv interview, Journalist Mohammed exposed the MP as a hypocrite and political sycophant who does things to serve his political master, William Ruto , even without thinking about the consequences that may follow. Nyoro was put to task on why he was claiming the government wanted him eliminated yet DP Ruto was part of that same government. In essence, Hussein said, Nyoro was claiming DP Ruto is the one who wanted him eliminated, by Ruto being the second senior most government official, after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

When put to task over his 2017 remarks, the MP said that when he made the statement, the country was descending into ruins because of the contested elections, as the opposition leaders were the aggressors then.

The country, he said, was at a critical juncture and while he regrets the vile language he used in some of his social media posts then, he agrees with their content.

“Once upon a time, of course, I was very critical and kind of revolutionary, maybe because of age and maybe some language was harsh to those who were being meted by the immoderations of power. When I was writing what I wrote, it was at the height of post-election skirmishes. I regret the language but not the content,” he said.

Nyoro spoke in the wake of a cat and mouse chase between him and the police, which eventually culminated in his arrest and subsequent release.

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