Ekuru Aukot Tears Waiguru For Celebrating after Kirinyaga MCAs Rejected Punguza Mzigo Bill

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot were yester night embroiled in a public spat on social media over the Punguza Mizigo Bill and NYS saga.

The public slur between the two leaders came just hours after the Kirinyaga county assembly trashed the Aukot-sponsored bill. It started when Waiguru termed the Punguza Mizigo Bill as an ‘unfortunate embarrassment’.

“Fortunately for Kenya, we run on the basis of law, not on Aukot directives. The Bill was thrown out on the basis of the Law and Standing Orders of the Kirinyaga County Assembly. Period. Even on its merits, this Bill is, in any event, an unfortunate embarrassment,” Waiguru tweeted.

Aukot hit back at the governor ,terming her a public thief.

“A public thief cannot tell Kenyans about integrity. Even the recent audited reports from the Office of the Auditor-General speak for themselves,” Aukot replied.

Waiguru lashed back at Aukot saying that he is a beneficiary of the NYS scam and he should instead focus on rectifying his defective bill. 

“Focus on your defective bill and stop tired sideshows. We all know who the creators and ghosts of NYS scam were; they fund and feast with you. FYI on corruption, some of us remember the COE massive financial irregularities, we read the reports, you can’t fool people all the time,” Waiguru said.

With his replies, Aukot awakened the ghosts of the NYS scandal as he went on a barrage of attacks on the Kirinyaga Governor.

Aukot also said that Waiguru’s excitement over the rejection of the bill was misplaced.

He said that what was embarrassing is how people like Waiguru with all the integrity questions found their way into leadership.

Aukot said that Punguza Mizigo Bill 2019 once passed will address such issues dealing with the integrity of Kenyan leaders.

“We all know from even the recent audit findings on Kirinyaga, you still top the list of public officers who cannot account for public funds meant to alleviate poverty in Kirinyaga. You can no longer fool us.”

Aukot said that Amendments to Articles 73 and 79 are ‘a real scarecrow for people like Anne Waiguru who are scared of the integrity provisions in the bill.’

He said that 19 MCAs support the bill and Waiguru’s underhand dealings at the County Assembly purportedly denied them the opportunity to debate and vote on it, adding that it must be tabled for debate – and this didn’t happen as required.

Addressing a press conference after the assembly session on Tuesday, Waiguru said she was pleased with MCAs’ decision to reject the bill.

She said it was not favorable to residents, nor was it good for women.

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