Secret Political Pact between Uhuru Kenyatta and Hassan Joho that Could Change 2022 Equation

    President Uhuru Kenyatta is at the Coast where he has been running the government from Mombasa State House for the past week. Governor Hassan Joho is among the key political leaders from the region who have been frequently visiting the head of state at State House Mombasa.

    Two days ago, President Uhuru met the entire coast leadership after Joho asked him to convene a meeting with the region’s leadership over fears that the region’s economy was going to be affected following a move by the government put the SGR as the main cargo handler in the region. There have been fears this could drastically affect the port economy which has been supporting thousands of family from the region.

    The president outlined a marshal plan to revive the economy during the meeting, saying his administration will ensure all ongoing roads, water and other infrastructure developments are completed.

    He said the projects such the various roads, the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zones and the Port of Lamu are aimed at opening up the region to more investments.“The issues revolved around how to revive the coast economy, which has collapsed due to recent government policies. Notable MPs who did not attend the meeting are Mohamed Ali (Nyali) and Aisha Jumwa (Malindi),” said Mombasa Senator Mohamed Faki.

    Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho said the government should fast track implementation of Mzima Springs II pipeline project and Mwache Dam project to address chronic water shortages in the six counties.

    However, there are reports emerging of how the Mombasa meeting was just a small glimpse of the political pact President Uhuru and Hassan Joho have got into. Insiders say, Governor Hassan Joho has vowed to marshal the region’s leaders behind President Uhuru’s agenda and in return, President Uhuru will support the vocal governor’s 2022 ambitions.

    This has been explained by the fact that Joho has reneged on his earlier tough stance on the issues touching on Mombasa Port, instead he is seen as one of the key allies of the President in the region.

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