Relief to Mama Lucy Hospital as Partners Sign for Ticketing System Deal to Reduce the Long Queues

The long Queues that have been experienced in Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital will now come to an end as the mechanism to manage the lines has been launched.

The Queue Management System partnership with UAP Old Mutual signed a ticketing system deal on September 9 that will ensure efficiency and reduce the patients’ turnaround time.

The UAP foundation chairman Peter Muthoka and the hospital chairman, Joe Aketch were among the people who witnessed the Sh5 million project deal signing which is expected to start working in a month’s time.

The queue management system will record real-time data about the services, waiting time and the customers served on a particular day.

The main reason to introduce the system at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital is to help organize lines and ensure the first in first served criteria is used.

The customers will pick their ticket numbers at the vending machine which will be announced at various clinics before a patient enters the doctors’ office.

The queue management system will assist the management to control the level of service and generate performance statistics.

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