Why the State Should Introduce Contraceptives Awareness Amongst the Youth

The myths around contraceptive used in the society that the use of contraceptive make the people vulnerable for sexually transmitted disease (STDs) it is because of lack of information and insecurity of the contraceptive commodity.

Contraceptive methods have a range of benefits other than their primary purpose of pregnancy prevention, therefore, the state should implement the policies to improve the quality reproductive of young people’s healths.

A contraceptive reduces pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality, reduces the risk of developing certain reproductive cancers, and can be used to treat many menstrual-related symptoms and disorders.

According to analysis, contraceptive use among married women has increased from 53% in 2014 to 61% in 2018 and there should be a need to consider the milestone made in the fertility of young people.

September 26th every year marks the World Contraception Day to create awareness of the contraceptives.

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