Sharon’s Family Still Seeks Justice, As They Mourn Their Daughter a Year Letter

    Death is inevitable; the late Sharon Otieno of Rongo University and her unborn child’s death still send fresh memories to her beloved family members.

    The Family of the slain Rongo University student still in mourning as they recall the pain and agony Sharon went through before meeting her death.

    Sharon died a year ago after an alleged killing at Kodera Forest, a case that involved Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

    A postmortem report then revealed she was stabbed eight times and was also heavily pregnant (seven months).

    Migori Governor Okoth Obado

    The Migori Governor was linked to Sharon’s death after an alleged romantic affair between them.

    However, Governor Obado was arrested and released on bail and the case is still at large.

    The thought of pain Sharon underwent before her death at the hands of her killers throws the family into fresh mourning every time Sharon’s name is mentioned.

    Sharon’s family’s only wish is to get justice for their daughter.

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