Fisi! Bishop Owuor’s Personal Assistant Is Excommunicated For ‘Eating’ Flock

Prophet Owuor

That we are an overly religious country is not news. We have heard thousands of cases of victims who fall for the gospel of brainwashing and redundancy however this time, it looks like the prey got preyed.

A Bishop who doubles up as Prophet Owuor’s assistant has been excommunicated out of the repentance and holiness ministries for engaging in sexual activities with faithfuls from his Kasarani station.

In a notice sent to the Bishop, Joseph Gitonga, his family and him were no longer allowed to serve in the church’s activities nor worship with other faithfuls in the glorious holy ministry.

Bishop Joseph Gitonga’s sinful and indecent acts during his capacity as the good news dispenser were unforgivable and could rub off negatively on faithfuls on the path of going to heaven with zero blemishes.

The church prides in being the only decent environment in Kenya with its zero tolerance to sin. Hence men and women steer clear of sinful acts like adultery and fornication until they are married.

The good word teaches faithfuls to scrutinize the very basic of the day to day happenings in a quest to ensure that its only the word taught in church that they carry around with them.

However psychology’s pyramid of life outlines sex under the social needs wing as one of the needs that if fulfilled, steers a person towards his/her self actualization. Get it right, I’m not advocating for adultery or fornication but what if spirituality can be incorporated with the other wings of life?

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