Drama As Census Official Is Nearly Hacked To Death By Cult Members

The kind of drama this year’s census exercise is attracting can make you question the planning process and the presence of security details deployed to give security to Census officials.

In a recent horrendous ordeal, Census enumerators were forced to take to their heels after a near fatal incident at Gatue Town in Tharaka Nithi County.

The data collectors are said to have come face to face with a group of cultists affiliated to the Kabonokia cult. The cult members are alleged to have refused to cooperate with the census officials by withholding crucial information saying the census exercise is demonic.

The cultists further claimed that they were only waiting to be counted in heaven as the good word states. What had kicked off as a normal tally for normal household, slowly escalated to be rowdy as the cult members threatened to cut the enumerators into pieces for trying to coerce them into the devil’s workshop.

The bizarre incident is not the only one of its kind that has been reported ever since the census exercise began. A similar case is reported of a couple in Naivasha who started chanting in tongues in the presence of enumerators and chasing unseen evil spirits before disclosing that they only subscribed to the counting that will happen come judgement day.

If breaking a sweat and literally working hard for your income is a thing, the census enumerators have a story to tell. They will come out of the census exercise physically fit from the many times they have been forced to run for their dear lives.

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