Panic as KRA goes after 10 Governors for 250B shilling tax evasion

    The taxman has trained its eyes on 10 prominent governors who have not been paying taxes yet they own personal businesses and companies which generate millions annually. KRA has already written to the county bosses, directing them pay the money they owe the country, totaling to 250B or else face the long arm of the law. The 10 governors are among 600 prominent individuals who have been identified by KRA for tax evasion, running into billions.

    The governors have been summoned to appear before KRA to give explanations as to why they have been evading taxes yet, they have been handling millions of shillings annually. Even though they own companies generating huge profits, the governors have been filing returns.

    “One governor was the other day saying how wealthy he is and that he owns a lot of property in the city, but he has not filed any returns,” said a senior official aware of the probe.

    Yesterday, a governor from northern Kenya spent hours pleading his case at Times Towers. Three other first-time governors have already appeared before the taxman. KRA has also established a special desk at its Upper Hill officers to grill the targeted persons.

    On Wednesday, KRA Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Elizabeth Meyo warned that governors face prosecution if they fail to comply with the agency’s demands.

    “County chiefs should ensure that they have paid personal taxes from their incomes,” said Ms Meyo.

    “We are appealing to governors that if they have other businesses, they should file their returns or else we will come for them.” Council of Governors (CoG) Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya said he met tax officials last week and they agreed to hold another meeting with all governors.

    “Maybe some governors are not aware of other tax obligations and that is why KRA agreed to meet the whole team. Equally, the commission is setting up an office in Westlands where a manager will be stationed to help governors understand their obligations,” Oparanya added.

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