”Kibera for Kiberans” will lead to mediocre leadership or has ODM given up on Nairobi County Totally. It’s a given that the next MP for Kibra will emanate from the ODM Party all things constant and this led to a very high expression of interest from members intending to vie for the seat. However right from the start there was a call that Kibra for Kiberans which on the face of it looks fine and dandy. But examined closely this seems to be a smokescreen by some to rule out those with proper leadership credentials.

 Looking at those now cleared by ODM after some consultations the list does not have a single Woman which is as big an anomaly as can be gotten especially in an urban Nairobi constituency that Kibra Is. It would be a pity if after the enigma Raila Odinga and Ken Okoth, Kibra were to fall into the hands of an inept leader if the ODM Candidate were to emerge from only the 11 the party has cleared for the nominations exercise this Saturday. Kibra is in Nairobi County and the conduct of the Party will lead to it not being able to mount a serious challenge for the Governorship in 2022 and infact ODM may end up with only 2 or 3 seats in Nairobi. Yes there is Party loyalty that always has to be taken into consideration but if that is the case how did one Kriss Darling with very open and documented links to Jubilee end up being cleared.

The simplistic and the pedestal manner to say the least in which the ODM National Election Council is handling serious matters as this only confirms our fears that the leadership at Orange House as currently constituted lack the slightest clue on revamping the party and regaining the dominance that the party once enjoyed. Problems cannot be solved by the same minds at Orange House who created them if the events leading to the 11 cleared candidates are anything to go by. While the ODM Secretariat is fumbling already, the party faithful are warning that should they bungle Kibra and give others a chance to win, history will judge them very harshly as they will have sounded a death knell for the ODM Party in Nairobi County

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