DP Ruto to President Uhuru: Referendum push will divide Kenyans

    DP[ Ruto

    Deputy President William Ruto has said the push to ammend the constitution will divide Kenyans. This is despite the public endorsement of constitutional changes by both President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. In what was seen as hitting back on the two leaders, DP Ruto said the country was not ready for politics of division over the plebiscite.

    “Those who have a hangover of a tsunami are looking for a way to divide Kenyans. You can’t apply the same tactics over and over and expect different results. We have been told about this tsunami for many years, but it has turn out to be mere threats,” he said.

    Ruto, who was speaking during a tour of Uasin Gishu counties said proposed referendum should encapsulate the views of all Kenyans, and should not champion the interests of an individual leader. This was in apparent reference to the expanded executive being proposed by the BBI Task force.

    “We want to ensure as a nation that whatever it is that is going to be proposed must be a national conversation by Kenyans and it should be done in a way that does not create winners or losers because we want a win-win arrangement for all Kenyans,” the DP added.

    Ruto noted that Kenyans had engaged before in the change of the Constitution, explaining that efforts must be made so as not to put communities on a collision path during the exercise.

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