Wage war between Miguna and Sifuna over Ken Okoth’s Successor

Photo collagen of Edwin Sifuna and Miguna Miguna
Photo collagen of Edwin Sifuna and Miguna Miguna

Fiery lawyer, Dr. Miguna Miguna, and ODM Secretary-General, Edwin Sifuna, have gone completely personal over Ken Okoth’s successor in Kibra Constituency.

What seemed like a piece of advice from Miguna to Kibra residents, turned into a full-fledged wage war between the two lawyers.

The controversial lawyer Miguna meant well to the people of Kibra through his tweet, encouraging them to elect a vicious person just like the late Ken Okoth and avoid opportunistic individuals. A move that angered Sifuna for his name had been mention in the context.

“To my brothers, sisters and compatriots in Kibra: Your departed member of parliament, Ken Okoth, was a visionary, disciplined and committed human being with integrity. He was born, grew up and represented you as one of you. Don’t elect opportunists like Edwin Sifuna and Ongoro,” read part of Miguna’s tweet.

The fiery lawyer further urged Kibra residents to choose a liberal and sound-minded MP and to avoid strangers from other constituencies who have other interests.

“Choose an MP who will continue Ken Okoth’s legacy of single-minded focus on serving the people. Avoid strangers from other constituencies whose only interest is to use Kibra as a convenient place to loot public resources,” elaborated Miguna.

Responding to the tweet, Sifuna who seemed offended by Miguna’s remarks did not hesitate to remind Miguna that he was not part of the race and neither was Ongoro.

Edwin Sifuna among other ODM members
Edwin Sifuna among other ODM members

“I’m not even running. Of the 25 plus people who have expressed interest, Sifuna isn’t one of them. Ongoro isn’t running,” Sifuna responded.

However, Miguna did not budge with Sifuna’s answer, instead, he claimed that Sifuna had previously given his name to the press that he was an interested party in the race.

Miguna went on to note that the people will eventually treat Sifuna a lesson for cremating Ken like a dog.

The ODM secretary-general replied further saying ‘Trying to run’ is what you did in 2017. When I want something I’ll say it myself, not through media. Plus lessons are welcome, I’m still teachable. You are unwell. Just take your prescriptions so you don’t see my ghost everywhere,” clarified Sifuna.

Miguna’s tweet came after the Orange Democratic Movement party held a rally at Kamkunji Grounds on Sunday to unveil aspirants contesting for the Kibra Parliamentary seat.

The rally was attended by Right Hon. Raila Odinga among other ODM party officials.

Raila allowed the 24 aspirants to introduce themselves and sell their policies to the residents who turned out in huge numbers.

In his remarks, Raila also ruled out a direct nomination for its candidate for the November 7 Kibra Constituency by-election, saying the interested candidates will undergo primaries scheduled on 31st August.

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