Raila Odinga should be in Parliament, country needs him to keep government on toes- Isaac Ruto

    Chama Cha Mashinani leader Isaac Rutto has said the government has relaxed because there is no strong opposition to keep it in check. The former Bomet Governor has poured cold water on politicians claiming they are the opposition yet their impact cannot be felt. Rutto, who was speaking at a local TV interview said it is only Raila Odinga who has the proper machinery, intelligence and bravery to face off with and call out the government if it goes astray. He says, it is for this reason that Odinga should be in parliament.

    ”Those who are purporting to be currently leading the opposition cannot be felt anywhere. Where are they? The only leader who has successfully managed to play opposition politics the way it is supposed to be is Raila Odinga. He has the much needed muscle, intelligence and bravery to face the regime,” Rutto said.

    He also added that leading the opposition from outside parliament was akin to driving a bus when one is not in it. The CCM leader said if it was his decision, opposition leaders would be in Parliament, to provide checks and balances to the people.

    At the same interview, Rutto also revealed he went to Raila Odinga to see if he could help stop the impending Mau evictions. He said the meeting was aimed at finding a lasting solution to the settlement of families living along Mau Forest.

    “The families affected are settled in a block that belonged to group ranches. The land is not part of the 22 blocks forming Mau Forest complex,” said Mr Rutto.

    He also added: “We will be seeking a meeting with Maasai elders and their elected leaders as it is only through dialogue that we can resolve this emotive issue without punishing innocent people including children.”

    The delegation included former MPs Zakayo Cheruiyot, Musa Sirma, Paul Sang and a section of elders from the Kalenjin community.

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