Who is after Tabitha Karanja of Keroche Breweries and why?

    Keroche Kenya’s premiere indigenous owned brewer that has always rattled multinationals milking our economy dry and sending profits overseas is under siege. In what is now emerging as a pattern, it appears that the Jubilee regime that is cash strapped as a result of Chinese loans and wanton spending needs cash so bad that they are even willing to auction off Kenyan owned firms after witch hunting them under the guise of tax evasion. If indeed it were possible for Keroche to have evaded taxes on such a grand scale where are their co-conspirators within government. Someone or people very senior must have looked the other way if at all this was possible.

    It is preposterous some of this allegations and Kenyans are not going to be taken for fools anymore. Why is the minister of finance who oversaw this rot if indeed it happened and the heads of department as well as the overall head of the KRA not being arraigned alongside her. Such a scam if possible would have had to be executed from times tower and treasury but not from the Keroche plant.

     The government ought to find sustainable ways of paying off their debt obligations not this hare brained schemes they are currently engaging in. Let indigenous Kenyan entrepreneurs taking on multinationals be and let the playing field be leveled not tilted in favor of those who have never had our nation’s interests at heart.

    If the DPP is serious about fighting corruption and tax evasion cases by real culprits, why are the Indians who collapsed Nakumatt under such schemes not been arrested so far? It would also be interesting to find out why Africa businesses and buildings which are deemed to be on road reserves brought down on the count of one while the Hindu Temple which is clearly on a road reserve still standing?

    There has been a public outcry about river pollution perpetrated by Indian companies in Western Kenya and nothing has been done, is it because they are better payers of bribes to government operators? It is in the public domain that Mohan Galot is the biggest tax evader with his London distillers and nothing is yet to happen to him.

    Indeed Kenyan Revenue Authority (KRA) must either be the most useless organization or the most inept were we to believe these spurious claims.

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