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I Will Not Surrender Myself to the Police, Billionaire Tabitha Karanja Declares

Tabitha Karanja
Tabitha Karanja

Billionaire Tabitha Karanja has declared that she will not present herself to the police after the DPP ordered for her arrest citing the arrest was not formal.

Tabitha Karanja is a renowned businesswoman and the owner of Keroche Industries.

Earlier today, DPP Nordin Haji had issued a warrant to arrest Tabitha and her husband Joseph Karanja. The couple is wanted by the government over an alleged 14.4B tax evasion.

Speaking on phone live on JKL, Tabitha has made it clear that the ongoing allegations are mere speculations and have not received a formal letter from the DPP to justify the claims.

” I would want to let Kenyans know that I received a letter through social medial while I was busy in my office, and for a moment I thought they were fake news circulating the media, the DPP has not communicated with me directly and neither have they conducted formal investigations,” she divulged.

The Keroche Director further elaborated that the only dispute the company had was with the KRA is on tax rate under Viena Ice which had lasted for four years and was taken to the tribunal and resolved.

“The only dispute I have is with KRA is on the tax rate under the Viena Ice which has lasted for the last four years because they said we take it to the tribunal, and we went to the tribunal, since then I have never heard any complication to tell us this is what,” she explained.

Mrs. Karanja has also expressed her disappointment citing that what had happened showed that the local entrepreneur has no right or say in this country, stating that receiving a letter through social media with allegations damaging her image and violating her rights was outright action from the state.

Tabitha further mentioned that Keroche has paid their taxes up to date, and have no documents whatsoever indicating that she is owing KRA and if at all there was any, then KRA should come forth and show her.

However, Tabitha made it solemnly clear that she was not in possession of any letter from the DPP and accused the government of disregarding the law on the entrepreneur.

Since the onset of the allegations, Mrs. Karanja has been locked in her office and has not stepped out.

Tabitha further urged and pleaded with the DPP to kindly follow the law while undertaking his duties.

While responding to a question from Jeff Koinange, Mrs. Karanja noted that she will not surrender herself to the police, claiming the document she received was from social media and not from DPP’s office.

” No, and why, because the document I have received is from social media, even for me I don’t believe its real, so how do I go? I can’t,” Tabitha responded.

Tabitha also believes she is being targeted by her competitors using the wrong office, further urging Haji not to be fast in laying accusations. She, however, seized the moment to congratulate the DPP for the good job he’s been doing.

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