‘Please Stop Hurting My Family With Cancer Rumors! Jimmy Gait Scolds Rumormongers

Jimmy Gait who lit the gospel industry with his well thought gospel songs has urged those people who are spreading rumors about him suffering from throat cancer to desist.

The gospel artist made a shocking comeback weeks ago after a long break from the limelight. In his viral video, the singer asked well wishers and fans to pray for him as he was battling a health condition which is yet to be established.

Jimmy, who’s currently seeking further treatment in India, has admonished the fellows spreading cancer rumors saying its hurting his family and close friends. He set the record straight that it has not been established what condition he’s battling and that he will make it clear once the test results are out.

Jimmy Gait took a break off the limelight 2 years ago after Kenyans ridiculed him over his creativity and choice of words for his songs. Gait made his disappointment known over the open cyber bullying before he made his slow exit.

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