Revealed: Why Ruto’s men are working to bring Miguna back home

    Miguna Miguna
    Miguna Miguna

    An elaborate scheme is planned by DP William Ruto and his strategists on how to bring back Miguna Miguna before end of the year. Details are now emerging how Kipchumba Murkomen, one of the closest DP Ruto’s associates are assembling a team of lawyers to represent the embattled lawyer in court.

    However, why is DP Ruto trying to get Miguna join his fold? It is believed Ruto wants to exploit the damaged relationship between Miguna Miguna and ODM leader Raila Odinga to bring the Tonto based lawyer on board. Miguna is one of the best political strategists in the land and his presence in DP Ruto’s team would be a major boost for his 2022 bid.

    On Sunday night, Senator Murkomen apologized to Miguna Miguna on twitter over what he termed as their silence when the lawyer was facing state persecution and a subsequent exile. Miguna got in trouble with the government after being part of the team that swore in Raila Odinga at Uhuru Park on January 30th.

    “I apologise on behalf of those who kept silent when you went through untold suffering. I apologise on behalf of your ‘friends’ who like Judas sold you for 30 pieces of silver and now are absorbed in filling their stomachs at your expense. Pole on behalf of all human rights hypocrites,” Murkomen wrote.

    The public apology could be part of the main plans to bring Miguna back which may have just kicked off in the tweet.

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