Murkomen Apologizes to Miguna, Slams some Leaders and Calls them Hypocrites.

Senator Murkomen has beaten the odds and done the unexpected. Murkomen is one person short of apologies, but this time he did it.

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen took to twitter and tendered his apology to Lawyer Miguna Miguna following his harassment and torture by the state before his deportation to Canada.

In his tweet, the Senate Majority Leader said he apologized on behalf of ODM, friends, the Jubilee administration and human rights defenders whom he described as hypocrites and pretenders.

“I apologize on behalf of your ‘friends’ who like Judas sold you for 30 pieces of silver and now are absorbed in filling their stomachs at your expense. Pole on behalf of all human rights hypocrites” stated the tweet.

“I apologize on behalf of those who kept silent when you went through untold suffering,” Murkomen added in his tweet.

The Senators tweet comes in response to Miguna’s allegations that he was shy to apologize openly to the Lawyer following his inhuman deportation to Canada.

“He is trying to repent without actually doing so in words. Murkomen publicly apologize to me, first, then I may forgive you and endorse your correct message to Makau Mutua who has lost any shred of integrity many believed he had,” Miguna’s previous tweet.

“I hope that you have learned what history has taught us for eons that there is no neutrality in the struggle for justice. Today, it might be me who is being brutalized. But tomorrow, it might be anyone,” Miguna divulged.

The fiery lawyer and National Super Alliance (Nasa) activist was deported to Canada on Wednesday evening of March 28, 2018, after spending more than 72 hours in a tiny room he described as a “toilet” near Terminal 2.

Miguna was badly treated and forcefully deported despite the court order which directed the government to release him from detention at Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi.


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