Sudi Attacks DP Ruto One on One during a Function.

Oscar Sudi

Oscar Sudi, Kapsaret Member of Parliament issued a stan warning to DP Ruto over the looming referendum, in Lodwar where they were joined by a host of leaders from the region and beyond.

Speaking during the official opening of the famous Tabang’loree Cultural Festival in Lodwar, Turkana County, Sudi fired a warning in the presence of the Dp.

The Kapseret legislator is known to be one of the fierce defendants of Ruto but differed with the Deputy President over the referendum.

Speaking in Kiswahili, the MP noted “Kama kuna katiba itakuja your excellency tutaweka urafiki kando, msidharau ile ya Punguza Mizigo kwa sababu ni jamaa kutoka huku Turkana (If there will be any constitutional change, Your Excellency, we’ll put friendship aside, and please don’t despise the Punguza Mizigo Initiative because it originated from a Turkana resident)”, Sudi told Ruto to his face.

DP William Ruto and MP Oscar Sudi in a past function

Sudi further mentioned that if Ruto supported an initiative that seeks to increase the number of leaders in the Executive, then he would be on his own.

“Tunataka kuambia hawa vigogo kama mnataka hawa watu wakue na pesa kwa mifuko tunaenda na Punguza Mizigo, lakini kama mnataka ile katiba ya kuongeza viongozi na mkue na magari mingi, hiyo msahau (We want to let these political bigwigs know that if they want the common man to live an improved life, we will go with Punguza Mizigo, but if they want to increase posts in the Executive and have more cars, they better forget it,” the MP illustrated.

However, the second in Command tried to avoid the referendum topic in his speech, as he preached peace and cooperation among the people of Kenya.

DP Ruto further urged county leaders to commit to working together and eliminate hate and tribalism.

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