Governor Mike Sonko Set To Expose Honorable Members Who Hit and Dump Slayqueens

Governor Mike Sonko
Governor Mike Sonko

Nairobi County Governor, Mike Sonko is set to expose honorable members who impregnate slayqueens and refuse to shoulder the responsibility that comes with it.

Sonko says he received several complaints from women who were used and dumped with their pregnancies. He further admitted to have indulged investigators who revealed to him that 2 Cabinet Secretaries, 4 Principal Secretaries, 7 Governors, 2 Presidential Candidates(one major front runner), 26 MPs, 9 Senators, 22 MCAs and 8 prominent businessmen are among the implicated.

The goodwill Governor has said the implicated honorable members will be exposed on newspapers advertiser’s feature and on Sonko Tv on his official Social Media page. Among the evidence in his possession are SMS, Whatsapp chats, photos, videos and audio recordings.

Nevertheless, Sonko has laid a stern warning to the not so honorable members who do ‘bad manners’ and abandon the girls a few months later for the next thirsty victim. In addition, Sonko has said he’s in the final stages of hiring advocates for the affected victims.

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