Would You Get Vasectomized?

The mention of the word VASECTOMY gets a good number freeze by the thought of having the male family jewel operated on.

For ages, female sterilization has been the norm. and now looks like gears are slowly shifting to male sterilization which comes with its fair share of fears and myths. Most fear that when they get vasectomized, raising the gun for an aim would be next to impossible, which is a flat lie according to experts. The experts say vasectomy works by blocking the tube where the sperm travels. The tube starts at the epididymis where sperm is produced, passes the prostate and the seminal vesicle where sperm meets up with other fluids that make up semen, then comes out through the urethra.

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This process would then block the part of the tube near the testicles, so the penis is not affected and you can continue banging only that this time around you might be as sure as hell, you will not impregnate someone’s daughter. One myth that needs to be busted is that vasectomies are chopped of their ball.NO! No one gets castrated like the bulls are with the burdizzo.

Like stated above, only the tubes get blocked and your balls remain way intact and unharmed in case you are wondering if you sperms will build up and balls explode, no that too won’t happen instead the sperms are reabsorbed by the body as it’s produced.


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