My Dress my Choice; A legislator Slammed in Parliament over her Miniskirt.

    Women in mini skirts during a protest about dressing

    A session of parliament came to a halt as members took a while to argue about one of the female MP’s dressing code which was considered inappropriate.

    Nominated MCA from Embu County, on Thursday, found herself in an awkward situation when a protest by male colleagues over her dressing erupted in the Assembly.

    Lorna Kariuki, took the floor to contribute to a motion and stated that her points would be “as short as a miniskirt”.

    The Legislator’s remarks drew the attention of her fellow lawmakers, who protested that she was dressed in a short skirt.

    Speaker of the day, Philip Nzangi, was then forced to stop the House proceedings for a while.

    It was Mavuria MCA, Ngari Mbaka, who notified the Speaker about Lorna’s dressing which he termed as improper.

    “When men dress improperly, they are thrown out of the House; but our dress code is too lenient on ladies, they are now provoking us.“ What she is wearing is extremely short. She is grossly underdressed. Mr. Speaker, please protect us,” MCA Ngari protested. 

    However, Lorna’s female colleagues came to her rescue and strongly defended her, as Ms. Kariuki described her dressing as executive-like.

    Lorna urged her male colleagues to concentrate on the House’s business and not her dressing. 

    “Mr. Speaker, he is over-watching some things when he should be concentrating on the business before the House. 

    “He should not just be staring at me all the time. I do not know how my dressing is disturbing him,” she replied.

    The speaker, however, ruled that he could not immediately establish whether Lorna’s dress was too short as alleged.

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