Why a Man pushed Brand New BMW into a river.

BMW submerged into a river

A teenage Indian boy named Akash received a brand new BMW car from his parents as a birthday present, but to their amazement, the 22-year-old did not like it all cost.

The boy was furious when he saw the BMW as his gift instead of the Jaguar he had asked from his parents.

For this particular reason, the young man hated the gift so much that he allegedly pushed it into a river to express his anger and dissatisfaction.

According to the Police in India, the 22-year old then took a video of the car submerged in water and sent it to his parents.

Akash is said to own several SUVs and thought the BMW was too small, this is according to ABC News.

His father is said to be a wealthy landlord in the North India State of Haryana.

Hundreds of locals watched in despair as the BMW was being retrieved from the water using heavy machinery brought by the police.

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