Otile Brown Gets Dumped By His Ethiopian Girlfriend

Otile Brown and girlfriend, Nabbi

After Diamond Platinumz, Otile Brown goes down in history as the second East African musician to be gifted a bouquet of black roses.

Otile and Nabayet, aka Nabbi, started dating shortly after his nasty breakup with Vera Sidika. The artist made a thousand trips to Ethiopia just to see his new lover. Their love was going strong and they had already qualified to start dressing in matching outfits like other serious couples.

Nabbi was out of the country when her boyfriend, Otile, was busy cuddling with new girlfriend Amber Ray. Brown featured Amber Ray in his new song My Boo, and their chemistry goes beyond what you could expect from a common video vixen.

Otile and Nabbi had no sooner started to build a relationship before it ended abruptly. The two have been going out together for a short while now and for a minute, Kenyans thought Otile could put a ring on it being that the Ethiopian damsel is heavily expectant.

Knowing Otile, the breakup could be means to drive listener-ship to his new jam but all in all, we pray they get back together.

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