41-year old killed by wife over Alcohol row.

sample photo of a club

A 41-year old man was allegedly killed by his wife on Monday night following a fight over alcohol in Mogotio Sub County.

The suspect struck her husband, with a nail-studded club.

According to the Mogotio Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer Luka Tumbo, the man is said to have been sent by his wife to go and purchase alcohol in a neighboring village for sale, but the husband returned drunk.

This led to an intense quarrel that erupted between the couple. The wife accused her husband of being reckless and causing the family economic losses. The two survive by selling alcohol to villagers. 

“The information we have is that the woman was furious when the husband returned home drunk and without alcohol which they were supposed to sell and buy food. She hit him on the head with the club,” said the detective.

The suspect is being held at a local police station.

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