Wanted Drug Kingpin’s Wife Arrested at Nyali Mansion.

Ms Karki Sushmi Ja and the two foreigners pictured at her husbands' Nyali mansion, they were arrested following the raid. August 13, 2019

The wife of suspected Mombasa drug kingpin, Ali Punjani, was arrested at their palatial home in Nyali during the wee hours of Tuesday morning

Ms. Karki Sushmi Ja was apprehended alongside two men of Nepalese and Indian origin, following the raid at her mansion by Kenyan security agents

The 24-year-old wife of the drug trafficking suspect is believed to be of Nepal origin according to the Daily Nation report.

Johnston Ipara, Mombasa County Police Commander, affirmed the incident, adding that the three were detained pending further investigations.

The suspect druglord was allegedly so influential and well connected with the higher-ups in Mombasa, that he had been assigned, 19 police bodyguards. 

Police discovered 42 sachets of heroin, 147 rolls of bhang, 747 tablets of Bugizi and Sh608,000 in fake currency during the raid.

The wanted narco trafficker was first linked to the illegal drug business by a US Embassy dossier that the then Internal Security Minister, George Saitoti, tabled in Parliament, in 2010.

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