REVEALED! Why Former Treasury CS Henry Rotich Has Been Sneaking to Meet Uhuru

The friendship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ousted Treasury CS Henry Rotich did not start yesterday.

The two are said to have been close drinking buddies and their bosom friendship can be traced back to days when Rotich served as a junior staff under Uhuru when the latter was the finance minister.

The fact that Rotich and Uhuru are close buddies had even made Ruto to treat him with a lot of suspicions with strong belief  that, Rotich was president’s top spy in the Kalenjin land.

Uhuru is said to have been so conflicted when his buddy was adversely mentioned and even arrested following the Sh21billion dam money but he had to do the right thing given Western donors were not taking lightly Rotich’s tainted image.

Reports have now emerged that the two friends have been meeting secretly. According to the Star’s Corridors of Power segment, the two have met twice after Rotich was forced to step aside last month over the Kimwarer dam scandal.

Those in the know say the long-time buddies met at State House a day after Rotich was charged and met again a week ago with speculations rife that Rotich could be spilling the beans over who really is the man behind the dam white heist.

Could it be that number two got wind of the secret meetings and tipped the media just to show the cat is out of the bag? Time will tell.

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