Kenyans Living In The Diaspora To Be Exempted From This Year’s Census Exercise

    The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics has announced that Kenyans living in the diaspora will be excluded from this year’s census exercise scheduled for the night of August 24.

    The body has noted that the census will be limited to Kenyans within the borders of Kenya. In the event that one has traveled abroad for business or otherwise, he/she will exempted from the exercise.

    However, families whose relatives, loved ones and significant other have migrated to other countries since the year 2004, will be asked crucial questions to aid the exercise.

    The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics will be marking a milestone this year as data will be collected electronically, compared to the previous tedious and cumbersome analog data collection method.

    The exemption of Kenyans in the diaspora raises eyebrows as they pay tax and participate in National Elections like other Kenyans within the borders of Kenya.

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