It Rains Everywhere Mentality Will Glue You To A Situation-ship

Building a relationship is draining as it requires all the necessary efforts one can master. I don’t dispute the fact that people come packaged differently and that with contrasting beliefs and upbringing, it can be hard to maintain grace with your partner.

Relationships are dramatic. There’s the normal drama like who forgot the toilet seat up for the umpteenth time, someone left their dirty socks in the living room or yours truly changed the color theme of your house to baby pink without consultation. These are very normal differing points.

However, there’s the extreme drama like your significant other gave you a black eye because you were not ‘gracious’ in handling them like the royals they are. This kind mostly scales up to domestic violence before you are found dead and buried, never to be heard again.

The victims who experience the extreme drama brush it off as a joke and fear walking out of the toxic relation for greener pastures elsewhere. You will hear them saying it rains everywhere as they defend why they are still in a toxic relationship. The raining everywhere assumption is mostly untrue.

With clear goals and standards you will realize it never rains everywhere, and if it does, its to water you to bloom. You understand right?

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