Is DP William Ruto secretly sending Emissaries to Raila Odinga?

DP William Ruto is becoming more isolated in the country’s political sphere as all the established politicians are continuing to avoid him and his kind of polarizing politics. The DP is mainly supported by first term MPs and political neophytes who are yet to gain a foothold in country’s leadership. This worrying trend is giving DP Ruto strategists sleepless nights on how to mend fences with former allies. Details are now emerging how Ruto is secretly sending his men to approach Raila Odinga to iron out any issues between the two rivals.

Unlike his daily routine, the DP has since toned down on his public insults on Raila Odinga for the last two weeks. It is believed, the secret emissaries were dispatched around the same time and Ruto is trying to be careful on his public pronouncements for fear of jeopardizing the talks.

”A former ambassador and a well known politician from the Rift Valley, who is close to the two have been reaching out to Raila’s people. The DP is growing isolated and he has decided to restrategize and change his circle,” said a source familiar with the talks.

All the country’s top politicians such as Musalia Mudavadi, Isaac Ruto, Kalonzo Musyoka and Gideon Moi are in good books with Odinga and are said to be forming a formidable team ahead of the pending referendum. It is only DP William Ruto who is not in good books with all the above leaders.

”He is reaching out to former nemesis. With the nature of country’s politics, first time MPs cannot win you any votes if you want to become president. Ruto has realized this and he has retraced his steps,” the source adds.

It now remains to be seen if the relationship between Raila Odinga and the DP will be mended or if the emissaries are doing zero work, with no light at the end.

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