Hamisa Mobetto Reveals Her 2 Year Old Son Can Distinguish His Father’s Music From That Of Other Artists

Hamisa Mobetto and Son Dylan

What are the odds of a 2 year old distinguishing music on grounds of paternal ties? Well it seems the generation Z is more digital and advanced than we previously thought.

Diamond’s Baby Mama number 2, Hamisa Mobetto has divulged her son’s prowess in distinguishing his father’s music from that of other artists. Mobetto said that the 2 year old, will halt his play just to get glued to the TV to listen to his father and dance to the tune.

”Hata kama babake hayuko vile, yeye anamtambua sana. Kila mziki wa babake ukija kwenye Tv, anawacha anachokifanya na kusogea karibu na TV. Utamwona akicheka na kudance, huwezi mtoa pale. Lakini nyimbo za wasanii wengine hata hashughuliki nazo,” said Mobetto in an Interview.

Mobetto celebrated her son Dylan’s second birthday last week which had a beautiful Lion King theme. Her baby daddy, Diamond was missing in action as always but all the same the young lass was well treated.

Even though Mobetto first hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, she has a few tricks other baby mamas can borrow to be on the right record with absent baby daddies.

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