Young Soul with Big Mind.

Brian Ogutu, 19

Brian Ogutu is a 19-year old student at Maseno University and also a photographer since 2017.

The 19- year old is doing digital photo shoots in and around the University under the brand name, ‘Mtaani Photography.’

Brian started off the photography with his smartphone, when he first joined the University.

‘My capital came from small savings from his pocket money and HELB allowances,’ Brian said.

Presently, he owns five Canon cameras which are hired by his fellow students every.

He joined Maseno to pursue an undergraduate degree in media and communication technology with IT.

On the hand, Brian’s’ passion in photography, has enabled him take the education load from his parents.

On average, Brian can make between Sh1,000 and Sh5,000 per day from hiring out cameras and taking pictures at events.

“Mostly, I’m assured of a continuous source of money since students like taking photos in the University’s beautiful scenery,”he narrated.


Balancing between studies and photography is a major challenge. Sometimes, he has classes the whole day, a lot of assignments and exams.

Apart from that, a client might hire a camera and fail to return as agreed, following it up adds to the stress.

Photography has kept him busy and away from idling which leads to drug abuse and ‘premature sex’.

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