Why Agnes, Sheila Mwanyigah’s mother decided to be a cop

Agnes Wnjiru Mwanyigah ( in Red) and her Daughter Sheila Mwanyigah i(in black)
Agnes Wnjiru Mwanyigah ( in red) and her Daughter Sheila Mwanyigah i(in black)

“What motivated me to be a cop was how beautiful the female officers looked in their uniforms, in particular, an officer called Mrs. Mwangangi.” Agnes Mwanyigah Stated.

Agnes Wanjiru Mwanyigah, mother of media personality Sheila Mwanyigah, who joined the police force when most of the women in the country did not give cops jobs a priority.

Agnes was among the first to join the police force band way back in 1973 when women were hardly accorded the opportunity to do so. She says she takes pride in her upbringing, which played a big role in molding her career.

“I wished for the day I would serve in the service with them, and my dream came true on 13th December 1973 when I was 19 years. On this day, due to my interest in music, I was selected to join the Kenya Police Band at the police depot as well.” Agnes reveals.

Agnes was so happy and felt the need to represent her gender to prove to the world that women can excel in any area.

Agnes met her Husband inspector Gideon Mwanyigah who was the director of Kenya Police Band.

When Agnes was serving as a law enforcement officer, she focused on protecting people and priority and other duties assigned to her.

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