We will only follow Uhuru’s direction in 2022- Central Kenya leaders

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta

Leaders from the Mt Kenya region have said they will only follow the direction President Uhuru Kenyatta will show them in 2022. They said Uhuru is the region’s kingpin whose voice matters and any other outsiders who think they can win Mt Kenya support without going through the president are wishful thinkers.

“We as central Kenya people are keenly watching this handshake and we are waiting for Uhuru to show us the way come 2022 and that is the direction we will follow. Whoever the President will show us that is the person we will back,” said former Starehe MP Maina Kamanda .

The leaders who were speaking during a fundraiser in aid of Engineer Catholic Church said there was peace in the country and it was bound to grow thanks to the co-operation between Uhuru and Raila. They also noted the decision of both President Uhuru and Raila Odinga to work together was personal decision between the two and that nobody armtwisted them into an agreement.

Igembe North MP, Maoka Maore said Uhuru and Raila will lead the country towards the right direction considering they are the most followed leaders in the republic whose decisions affect millions of Kenyans.

”Normalcy returned to the country after the handshake. We could have been a banana republic had the two leaders not put aside their differences. Now you can imagine what more they can do together as we head towards 2022,” Maore said.

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