The *JAY NETWORK* lobby group Publishes it’s *Ondoa Gharama bill* – A constitutional Amendment Proposal

    By Obulukhu Musasia

    The *JAY NETWORK* lobby group has published the *Ondoa Gharama bill*, a 2019 constitution of Kenyan amendment proposal, as a counter to Punguza Mzigo and BBI proposals.

     The non-partisan lobby group burned their midnight oil to come up with a product they believe represents genuine interests desires of the majority suffering Kenyans.

    While BBI is largely a government driven initiative, it lacks goodwill among Kenyans as it appears to have a predetermined outcome.

    On the other hand, many Kenyans feel that the Punguza Mzigo bill has an invisible hand behind it. It’s Important to note that Punguza Mzigo bill has received tremendous support from the Tanga Tanga wing of the jubilee party.

    According the Jay Network Chairman, Mr. Calystus Wafula, the Ondoa Gharama offers practical solutions to the challenges affecting ordinary Kenyans. In contrast, Punguza Mzigo is solely focused on controlling the cost of government and not the perpetual campaign mood that always engulfs the country each election.

    “We are a countrywide group, and as such, our bill is not an *individual’s effort but for us all” Said Mr. Wafula.

    Jay Network submitted their proposal to BBI last Friday as it concluded its nationwide fact findings in Nairobi.

    However, according to Ms. Anne Thuku, Jay Networks National Coordinator “Should BBI not factor in most, if not all of the content herein, we shall continue our way, the POPULAR INITIATIVE way, as provided for in article 257 of the CoK 2010 “, She said.  

    Jay Networks Secretary General Anthony Gitonga, confirmed to Kenyan Report that they are already on the ground collecting signatures. ” We already are on the ground collecting signatures, albeit very sluggishly due to financial constraints but we’ll definitely get there!!”.

     Below is a summary of Jay Networks Proposal, what it refers o as the “irreducible minimums” as per their bill.

    1. A member convicted of corruption and theft, must not hold office, if while in office, must step aside till determination of the case, assets and accounts frozen and recovery in full of whatever stolen.

    2. Mandatory death sentence for convicts of corruption and thieves of public resources.

    3. Trials must be within 30days with appeals going for only 20days.

    4. Scrapping off of the women’s rep, senate and all nominated seats, as well as deputy governor’s positions.

    5. Merging up and collapsing of commissions to only 5.

    6. SRC must be strengthened, and empowered to be an independent office, with its composition having, church leadership, Islamic leaders, civil societies represented.

    7. Elective positions, from presidency to ward representatives, just like state officers and public servants be categorized and paid on a job group, no other allowances.

    8. Strengthening, establishing and empowering to operate independently the offices of the Auditor General at the National government and Financial controller at the county levels.

    9. National public debt must not exceed 40% of the GDP, while the recurrent expenditure at both levels of government not exceeding 30% of the total allocation per annum.

    10. Abolishing two terms presidency, replacing with one term of 8yrs, while gubernatorial, National assembly and ward representatives having two,4year’s terms.

    11. Opposition leader who garners second highest number votes, to sit in Parliament, while the DP to lead government business in the house, all Cabinet Secretaries to be appointed from members of National Assembly.

    12. Scrapping off of all kitties allocated and managed by politicians, all the taxpayer’s money shall be strictly channeled to only the National and county governments respectively, as there are structures and control measures in place.

    JAY Network was founded in 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s a Lobby group passionate about the plight of ordinary Kenyans, their participation and engagement in matters constitution and governance.

    It boasts of its simplicity and its desire to remain grounded and appealing to folks on the main street; listening and understanding their grievances and concerns; as opposed to those in the boardrooms and TV panels who can’t dare step where it really matters.

    The Lobby group differentiates itself from the elitist and know it all approach,exemplified by the Punguza Mzigo Proponents of the Third way Alliance . They are willing, listening and ready to engage and align with those who subscribe to the change ordinary Kenyans are yearning for.

    It’s imperative that Wanjikus concerns be considered in the new constitutional dispensation. Wanjiku cannot afford the high-end hospitals abroad while boardroom decision makers continue to corrupt their way to power ignoring the basic needs like healthcare, education, food and housing which are dear to Wanjiku.

    Join JAY NETWORK as we push forward for a better Kenya. You are the change you are waiting for. Don’t seat as you watch our country auctioned to the highest bidder or as we become prisoners to the dynasties that have controlled Kenyan since independence. . WAKE UP KENYANS. JAY NETWORK is the alternative path on the road to progress.

    These, according to our observations have been caused by

    a) Corruption.

    b) Overrepresentation.

    c) Misappropriation and misuse of public funds and resources.

    d) Unemployment and debt burden.

    e)  Post elections’ unrests and discontentment.

    We therefore urge members of the public to look out for the bill that seeks to address the above, Punguza Mizigo and BBI are the others with a proposal. Check them out and decide for yourself which bill addresses your current situation.

    *Only Ondoa Gharama does……*

    For any Questions, Please  contact any of the JAY Network officials below or  send us an email.

    National Chairman……. Calystus Wafula……….+254727096960

    National coordinator…… Annie Thuku……………+254721592558

    Secretary General…………. Anthony Gitonga……..+254724479439


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