AU Envoy Raila Odinga.

    By Alex Wakoli

    Reliable sources have revealed that Raila is not eager for power in 2022. That he might not be involved in demanding duties beyond 2022. Sources well versed with Uhuru’s succession game plan reveal that Musalia is the most preferred candidate by the three most political influential families that is Moi’s, Kenyatta’s and Odinga’s. Though Raila is one kind of a leader who cannot be trusted because he might change lane any time to find his way on the ballot at the 11th hour the move that might work in favor of Ruto. So Ruto should pray that Raila forces his way on the ballot. 

    It’s imperative to note that Raila is well informed that the relationship between him and the president is based on mutual interests likely not to go beyond 2020. It’s Ruto who don’t want to accept the fact that he has got a lot of forces against him despite the fact that his relationship with the president of late has become frosty.

    Kenyans should be informed that the relationship between Raila and the president is mutual and meant to unite the country without a trace of political component. Actually, ODM movement was determined to bring the country’s economy on its knees. Therefore, it was necessary for the president to bring Raila on board so that he can finish his second term as he plans for his succession in peace.

    Sources indicate that Roto’s enemies in Jubilee want Jubilee dead as part of their strategy to tame his presidential ambitions. Raila is also well informed that Uhuru does not trust him neither does he trust Ruto. He is well informed that Kenyan politics has no permanent friendship neither long term enemies.

    It will be in order for the president to ensure that whoever succeeds him is a well trusted person who will not interfere with his empire. Raila too want to use this chance to make sure that the next president is a kind of person he trusts so much to take care of his interests. This shall come to pass if God come down in person to persuade Raila that he will only increase the chances of Ruto’s win by forcing his way on the ballot.

    Both Raila and the president were of the opinion that they push for Gideon, but they changed their tact after they realized that it was becoming tricky to sell him even in his own community. But even as the Gideon factor proves hard to sell in Kalenjin land, politicians in the region not comfortable with Ruto and KANU are working out a formula on how to use an alternative avenue for Gideon to gain some weight to play as a second fiddle to Musalia.

    Sources have revealed that the ANC party leader is well placed to act as a comfort landing zone to both Uhuru and Raila come 2022 as team Ruto is determined to bring down the referendum agenda. The president’s inner circle has advised that Musalia stands out as the sure bet owing to the fact that he is most likely to reduce resistance that could emerge from Raila’s team. Rumors has it that the president is likely not going to declare his successor just the way Kibaki left everything to state machinery. This is the reason why Musalia has started aligning himself with central Kenya before things start unfolding in his favor.

    Sources have also revealed that the president is comfortable with the narrative that referendum be delayed being held the same time with 2022 elections so as to give him humble time to finish his term and also plan for his succession in peace. It’s not by mistake that the likes of Kuria have started spreading rumors on the social media.

    Those close to the president claim that he is yet to trust Raila and that he might leave the referendum agenda to him as it will give him time to chart his succession as on the other hand keep Raila busy as this shall work in president’s favor come 2022. It is said that the president has prioritized finishing his term with a legacy and also plan for his succession as on the other hand Raila has prioritized referendum so that he can push for his interests beyond 2022.

    Their agenda to push for Gideon presidency faced a serious setback when the Moi’s family resisted the move claiming that the two were aiming at using their family investments. That Gideon is taking the advantage of their father’s health to push for his selfish interests. It has been claimed that the old man is being used by Gideon as a political asset to gain relevance.

    A joint secretariat that will bring together ODM, Wiper, KANU and like-minded parties with a faction in Jubilee will be established soon to be headed by the former jubilee chairman David Murathe which shall ensure that the parties join hands to rally behind the ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi.

    Sources have revealed that if the constitution go through and Raila does not run, Mudavadi, Gideon, Kalonzo lineup that will also bring on board the interior CS Fred Matiang’i is a plan B. For now, one thing that the Kenyatta and Moi families and powerful forces surrounding the president fear most is both Raila and Ruto’s presidency as much as they need Raila to survive until 2022. They could prefer a new face who will protect both their empires and interests.

    Those who fear Ruto most are the likes of Dr. Matiang’i, James Macharia and Karanja Kibicho whose combined forces shall ensure that the ANC leader Musalia succeeds the president. As Raila work hard to remain relevant, the Moi’s and Kenyatta’s want to ensure that their empires are protected.

    As things stand now, among the leader’s political analysts believes the ANC Musalia stand a great chance to succeed the president. Raila and Ruto also stand a chance but they are not trusted to take care of the Moi and Kenyatta empires. Ruto stand high chances if Raila forces his way on the ballot.

    Prof. Ndege a lecturer in Moi University claims that Musalia is soft and that Kenyans don’t want such a soft person. Am left to wonder when he was selected to represent Kenyans in the matters of whom they prefer. He should be informed that Kenyans will have no say in 2022 succession as it will all be about protecting interests of the so called the owners of the nation.

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