Fierce DP Ruto, Chases Away Journalists at a Wedding Ceremony.

    DP Ruto at Alex Olempaka's wedding in Baringo

    Deputy President William Ruto’s speech briefly came to a halt during a wedding ceremony on Saturday, in Baringo County, to chase away journalists who had set up equipment at a certain section of the venue.

    The DP had attended the wedding celebration of human rights activist, Amos Olempaka, where he paused to repulse the scribes, whom he accused of blocking the crowd that had gathered. 

    “You members of the press have become too many. Some of you should move so that people at the back can follow the proceedings.

    “Push back so that these people can see, move the slightly further. I came here to address the public, not you-journalist)” he ordered.

    “These people should organize themselves and stop disturbing us,” Ruto added, leaving the crowd amused.

    Members of the press could then be heard speaking in low tones with security officials, who ordered them to move amidst the public cheers.

    The incidence comes barely a week after Members of Parliament also proposed a motion to refrain Journalists from accessing the Assembly citing the spread of lies and propaganda by the Media.

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