Every Coin has two sides, so Does Janet Mbugua.

Media personality Janet Mbugua speaking while shooting her vlog

Media personality, Janet Mbugua has opened up on a certain habit that she feels affects some of the people she has had to interact with. 

Ms. Mbugua stated in one of her latest vlogs that she finds herself ghosting on people on many occasions.

“The moment my trust is kind-of played, I can ghost very quickly,” she started.        

Janet however, explained that it is appropriate to give reasons before cutting off communication with an acquaintance.

“That’s the thing with me. When I’m dealing with personal issues, even though I’m working on it, I do tend to withdraw, isolate, shutdown, meditate and then come out,” Janet elaborated. 

The famous media personality went on narrate that in this particular situation, she asked out a friend for coffee because her buddy was hurt by the withdrawal.

Miss Janet Mbugua

Janet then realized that there were a lot of people she had hurt by doing that, so the TV queen decided that it was something to think about.

Ms. Mbugua told her viewers that there is always a space to say “you know what, I need to talk this out with this person as opposed to saying you know what, and I’m done!” 

The NTV presenter also disclosed that she can be too stubborn; a character she feared could interfere with her relationships. 

She clarified that one having toxic habits doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad person.

“Sometimes you need to manage them (toxic traits). Maybe they’ll always be there, it’s just about not projecting them in such a horrible way,” she encouraged.

Janet advised that if someone told you about a toxic trait that you have, it should not be seen as an attack by that person, but an opportunity to talk about it. 

“I know I’m a very stubborn human being and it like how do I be stubborn and not make it a living hell for the people around me?” she asked.

The media personality also divulged that she had heard comments about her like “You can’t tell her anything, she will do what she wants.”

She recognized that those remarks kept coming up so she managed to deal with her stubbornness in a way that it would not sabotage herself or her relationships.

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