DP Ruto responds to Duale, says Jubilee will not be distracted by referendum debate

    DP William Ruto.

    DP William Ruto is already feeling the heat of the raging referendum debate. A day after majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale broke ranks with him over whether to support or not to support a referendum, Ruto took to twitter to express his feelings telling off Duale Jubilee will not be distracted by the Punguza Mizigo-BBI debate.

    “The Jubilee administration will not be distracted from delivering on our manifesto and HE’s (His Excellency’s) Big 4 plan by those engaged in the raging debate on Punguza Mizigo, BBI or the 2022,”

    “They should be objective,truthful and conduct an honest conversation that is in the best interest of all,” he added.

    Duale has taken a stand against the DP on whether the country should conduct a referendum or not. He is supporting a Parliamentary system of governance which will give birth to an expanded executive which will include the Prime Minister, something Ruto is opposed to.

    ”There are people saying i have differed with the DP. The DP is here to convince me. This is the Leader of Majority in the National Assembly,” Duale said.

    “This is my position and I intend to convince the President and the Deputy President that this is the best way to go in order to have a stable country with reduced ethnic tensions,” Duale added.

    He recognized the fact that Kenyan elections are very divisive and when the elections come after every five years, there is tension all over the country.

    “Kenyans always fight over presidential elections. Kenyans are divided when it comes to electing their president because of ethnic divisions. If we want to make Kenya stable, inclusive, remove ethnic connotations from our elections then we should go for a parliamentary system where the contest will be at the constituency level and anyone who gets the majority of MPs will form government and produce the Prime Minister,” Duale added.

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