Raila’s US Informant gives him a list of 90 MPs, MCAs who went to the controversial Legislative Conference in Tennessee

    Raila Odinga.

    ODM leader Raila Odinga on Friday night at the Annual Journalism Excellence awards said he had received a list of 90 MPs and a number MCAs who formed part of Kenya’s huge delegation to the US for the money wasting legislative summit. Odinga made these revelations after the National Assembly refused to publish the names of the over 100 leaders it has sponsored to attend the  National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) in Nashville, Tennessee.

    After the MPs descended on one of the media houses that broke the story to the public, Raila Odinga picked it up rebuking the legislators of living large and opulent life at the expense of taxpayers. He condemned the National Assembly and its leadership of presiding over the waste of public resources, yet the country was facing a financial crisis.

    ”My informants in the US, who are also attending the same conference tell me Kenya has the highest number of delegates with a record 90 Mps and MCAs. Nigeria has 20, Brazil has 9, Japan has 6 and the host country, the US also has 6 representatives,” Raila said.

    Many countries taking part in the conference sent at least 6 members as opposed to Kenya which has ten times more than the number. The trip is likely to cost the tax payer more than 150M shillings.

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