You Are No Longer Apart of God’s Children!Wayward Maxwell Church Members Excommunicated

    Maxwell church, Nairobi

    Are you waiting for another season of the battle of the fists from Maxwell church tomorrow? Well it looks like you won’t be having that action after the Central Kenya Conference excommunicated wayward members from the books of the chosen and without blemish members.

    In a memo sent to the church complete with a list of shame of the stray members, the conference states that the aforementioned persons have ceased to be members of the Seventy Day Adventist and that their names have been dropped from the church’s books.

    The stray members are accused of serial gross misconduct and going against the Seventy Day Adventist’s Doctrines. As such, they were not welcome to be part of the God abiding Community.

    The Maxwell Adventist church has served drama for a while now with warring parties openly fighting in church. Loud was the church’s leadership wrangles that the members of the public wondered whether Satan had taken over its rails. The recent incident saw GSU officers called in to calm the situation.

    I don’t know how justifiable excommunication is but the fate of the wayward members seems to have been sealed. Just like that, their journey to meet Elijah and other faithfuls in heaven is no more.

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