We Want To Enjoy Fruits Of The Dead!

Kakamega Coffin sellers took to the streets to complain about the decline of their lucrative business 2 days ago. To the surprise of many, the sellers blamed the Kakamega General hospital for the decline in profits.

This was the first time such absurd complains hit headlines. They complained about morgue attendants who referred clients to other regions hence less or no clients to purchase their products.

While families painfully mourn the loss of their loved ones, for this class of people one dead person is a potential client and a boost to their bank accounts.

The strangeness of the seller’s grievances excited the online audience who scolded the sellers for their absurdity. Some accused the sellers for praying for more people to die to boost their business.

Luckily, the sellers have now come out to defend the reasons behind their strange complain. To them the coffin business is their type of gold trade. A business like any other. The only difference is that they deal with storage of the dead.

One seller pointed out that she can make up to Ksh. 100,000 of profit from the sale of coffins. Clearly their are heavy gains from dealing with the dead if the quoted numbers are anything to go by.

If you’re looking for a business idea,how about this one?

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