She Stole Love Meant For Me!!! Ugandan Step Mother Who Fed Her Step Daughter With Menstrual Blood Testifys

Annet Namata

Cinderella might just have been a movie like any other but it sure exposed ills hidden behind a small percentage of step mothers who make it their full time job to ill treat their husband’s children.

Annet Namata, who was accused of mixing food with her menstrual blood before forcing her teenage step daughter to eat it, has admitted she was in a quest to turn her into a lunatic.

The woman accused the teenager of being showered with too much love from her father, Unusu Lungu. Namata said that Lungu had so much love for his daughter that he beat her up whenever she happened to anger the teenager.

Namata who felt entitled to Lungu’s love and attention saw the daughter as a stumbling block. She’s said to have been advised by her friends to mix menses in her food to turn her into a lunatic. True to the advise, Namata, with a little help from the devil, mixed the aforementioned in egg-sauce before feeding the child.

Namata however did not make it clear on how far she was willing to go to eliminate Lungu’s daughter. What’s clear is that she knew the end result would be fatal, an idea she joyfully toyed with.

Ingesting menstrual blood exposes one to blood-borne pathogens that pose potential harm.

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