Rugby Players; Frank Wanyama, Alex Olaba Mahaga Found Guilty of Gang Rape

Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba at a Nairobi Court.

Kenya Sevens Players have been found guilty of gang raping a woman on her birthday on February 10, 2018 at her apartment in Nairobi’s Highrise Estate.

The two who first appeared before Magistrate Martha Mutuku were charged with the offense in April last year. They denied the charge and were released on bond on April, 23 2019.

The duo were accused by Singer Wendy Kemunto, an upcoming musician who said that she got pregnant from the incident and didn’t know who among the two was the father.

The two harlequin players were quick to rubbish the allegations once the assault claims surfaced online. They were quick to point out that their sexual relations were consensual as prior agreed among the three.

However when DCI took up the case, the two were found guilty of rape but the sentencing was cancelled 5 times after Olaba absconded court hearing more than twice.

The two are set to be sentenced tomorrow August 9, in the afternoon.

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