DCI To Investigate a Cabinet Secretary and Governor Implicated in Murder over Land

    A Judge wants a Cabinet Secretary and a governor investigated for their alleged roles in a string of murders that rocked a land buying company in Murang’a.

    High Court Judge Joel Ngugi said this after acquitting four suspects charged with the murder of the firm’s four directors.He noted that some witnesses were terrified by the mention of Breeze Farm during open proceedings.The witnesses would later, in private, testify that the firm was associated with the Cabinet Secretary.

    Other top officials implicated in the intricate series of murders include a county commissioner and senior police officers are alleged to have instigated the killings that haunted Kihiu Mwiri Farmers Company to silence opposition to illegal acquisition of part of the 1288 acres owned by the firm.

    “I also met (XX, a prominent lawyer] about Breeze Farm. I also know that the Cabinet Secretary XX,) was one of the owners of breeze Farm.  This was the name I did not want to mention.  These are the three people I know that claim Breeze belongs to them,” Standard reports that the judge recounted one of the witnesses whose identity is protected-saying.

    The farm in question measures either 240 acres or 134 acres. Some witnesses said the sale agreement they had seen put it at 134 acres, but the actual land sold was 240 acres. The court was told that Breeze Farm is owned by a company called Breeze Ltd.The judge noted that the desire by the powerful individuals to keep the land at all cost was one of the theories advanced for the brazen executions such as the one of Peter Kimani Kuria, who was shot inside his house by two gunmen in the presence of his wife and son in September 2014.

    Acquitting the 18 people accused of murdering four directors Justice Ngugi questioned why investigators spared the senior government officials who were adversely mentioned in the case.He noted that during the hearing it emerged that apart from a CS, a governor and a county commissioner, others who benefited from the land were a deputy county county commissioner, assistant county commissioner, a ward rep and a chief.

    “In the end, the trial for the murders of the deceased persons turned out to be no more than a window-dressing exercise. After due analysis, I find that the evidence tendered by the prosecution is not sufficient to prove the four counts of murder against the accused persons beyond reasonable doubt. Consequently, I find that they are not guilty of the four counts of murder,” ruled Justice Ngugi.

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