Two Toxic Feminists Slapped with a 9M Fine for Falsely Accusing Journalist Tony Mochama for Rape

    Reknown feminists Shalja Patel  and Prof Wambui Mwangi have been slapped with a 9M shilling fine for falsely accusing Journalist and Poet Tony Mochama, popularly known as Smittem, for rape. After 5 years of the case dragging in court since 2014, Smitten has been absolved of any wrong doing with the court establishing that the two women wanted to bring down the writer.

    “I said I would not allow people to finish me with feministic and none-existing  claims, I said even if it was taking a lifetime, I was ready to pursue justice at all cost. I wanted to prove to my family, friends and all Kenyans that I was a good man and not a beast as I had been branded,”  said the journalist after the court ruling.

    Mochama said despite the claims by the two women being just mere allegations, they had damaged his reputation as well as painted him bad in public. He says, during the time of his court case people perceived him as a beast. However, he says he is elated because the two feminists will apologize to him publicly after all the trouble they put him through.

    “I am also happy they will apologise to me after all the shenanigans, it is fulfilling,” he said.

    In 2014, Mochama took the two feminists to court after they claimed he had raped them during an event dubbed Africa Poetry Book Fund with the Fund’s founder, Prof Kwame Dawes. The meeting was at Prof Wambui’s home.



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