The Slaying Honorable Hassan Ali Joho

Governor Ali Hassan Joho

His excellence Hon Ali Hassan Joho has once again proven that style and slaying can go hand in hand with governance.The sultan was recently spotted rocking a Caribbean style; typical colorful shorts and multicolored shirts.

His young teenish style has gotten tongues wagging with a good number of people who think that at his age, he shouldn’t be exposing his old thighs to the world. In extreme cases, some have disapproved his 2022 presidential bid citing his slaying game.

The governor who is always spotted in the company of Tanzanian Bongo stars, has consistently been setting a pace that his colleagues who are forever wound up in ill fitting suits might never keep up with.

No matter the gorgeous breathtaking ambience that Joho oozes,  the hawk eyed social media family have faulted Joho for taking too much time in slaying while his city rots away in garbage.

Mombasa is ranked as one of the dirtiest cities in Kenya which plays down on its beauty and attractiveness. It’s so ironical that the man at the helm cleans up nicely but sadly leads a city drowning in a horrendous odour.

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