Stanley Livondo, Yuweri Museveni family Exposed at the Trial of the Akasha Brothers in the US

    The Akasha brothers

    Flamboyant Jubilee politician who once tried to unseat Raila Odinga from Langata Constituency, Stanley Livondo has been mentioned by the Akasha family as one of its rivals in the drug business. Livondo, often referred to as ‘Mr Moneybags’ has been exposed as being knee deep in the drug business that he was at one time in charge of Nairobi operations. Also mentioned by the Akashas, who are facing sentencing in the US is Ugandan President, Yuweri Museveni’s sister in law.

    According to documents filed on Thursday Geoffrey S Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, the Akasha’s roped in powerful businessmen and politicians in their drug business and were always ruthless to anyone who tried to cross them. The Attorney General says, Akasha brothers had an ambitious plan to control the horn of Africa with their business and that is where Museveni’s sister in law came into play. To open their business to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi via Uganda.

    “In pursuing this plan, Baktash (Akasha) set up a meeting with the Ugandan President’s sister-in-law to discuss methods of illegally importing ephedrine into Uganda. Baktash, Ibrahim (Akasha), (Vijaygiri) Goswami, and (Bipin) Panchal attended the meeting, at which the President’s sister-in-law offered to provide a licence to import the ephedrine, two tonnes at a time, in exchange for a percentage of the profits,” reads the report in part.

    Stanley Livondo on the other hand is linked as a competitor in the drug business and at one point he confronted Bakhtash  at a mall in Mombasa. This later led to a deadly exchange between Livondo and the brothers, leading to one of the brothers pulling a gun on him, threatening to kill him.

    The US  court yesterday pushed their sentencing to August 16 for Baktash and November 8 for Ibrahim.

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